"Eddie,your videos were always       

 different, an  enthusiast rather        

 than  a filmmaker "        ......Robert Davey 

  Robert Davey - Editor of 'WINDSCREEN'                    from 1984 to 1991                    



DVD Producer:  Eddie Caswell 


 Scenes of respect and pride    

Some video clips may jump when played due to YouTube method of display (NOT A DVD FAULT) 


 Ref. D/1     Supplied to order ......

Various TANKS plus other  tracked  vehicles on the move at Shows, Tours and Test Area's, with 'P/A' system comments  by Richard Beddall, Bob Fleming and Dennis Roberts. 

   ( 60 min. program )    


        Ref. D/2    Supplied to order .......

Scenes of Collectors MV's in convoy at UK, Europe, and Guernsey locations, many with POLICE escort, and HUGE crowds.   

    ( 60 min. program )




 Ref. D/3   

Historic video on DVD of the 1st  MV tour I made to Normandy as a driver of a Commer Radio Truck owned by my friend Colin Brookes. 

    ( 75 min. program )

     Supplied to order ...........




                       ( 100 min. program )


  Ref. D/4   Supplied to order.....


Includes scenes from "Epic" 45th Anniversary Normandy Tour, with beach scenes and Parade of collectors M/V's at Arromanches, Interview with Major John Howard at Pegasus Bridge, Spectacular Para-Drop at St. Mere Iglise, Massive   parade in Bayeux of over 2000 collectors with many types of WW2 'M/V's.     A memorable occasion in more ways than one, with interesting stories told by re-visiting Veterans.   Cherbourg scenes of M/V collectors in the town square.    Southsea Show and Ferry scenes of M/V's loading and unloading, campsite and prize giving. 



  • Ref. D/5                                        Supplied to order.........

English, Dutch, and Belgium military vehicle collectors team up for an exciting tour of the "BATTLE OF THE BULGE" area in the Ardennes, with scenes of actual Metal Detector 'digs', and the surprise discovery of a TIGER TANK ! at the side of the road. Plus a ride on a Train fitted with a SHERMAN TANK engine !.


    ( 120 min. program )




 Ref. D/6    ( "DUCK'S" )                                   Supplied to order.......

Great action scenes of DUKW's at locations in the UK and Europe. 


    ( 60 min program )




Ref. D/7   JEEPS

                                                                               Supplied to order........

Many types of collectors JEEPS on Tours, at Shows and  in Off-Road action, with 'P/A' system commentries by  Bob   Fleming, and Richard Beddall, plus interviews with many  JEEP owners and close-up views of engines and gear.

   ( 60 min. program )



 Ref. D/8        ( 60 min program )

Spectacular 'M/V' archive scenes from UK shows at > BELTRING > ELVINGTON >      RUDGWICK > STONELEIGH + ARDENNES  

Collectors military vehicles on Tours and at  Shows,with Battle re-enactment  scenes, and Car Crushing TANKS and  HEAVY WRECKERS !!

   Supplied to order ..........



Ref. D/9      ( 60 min. program )


  Variety of Radio M/V's at UK shows including collectors    from USA and Norway.

    Supplied to order........  




    Ref. D/10               ( 60 min. program )

Proud collectors with their military  Cars + Utilities at shows in the UK + Europe.

   Supplied to order.........




Images above and below from 'Your Pic'



    Ref. D/11                ( 106 min. program )      Supplied to order.......


      GERMAN OCCUPATION SITES 'M/V' visit             

Commemoration tour of Guernsey attended by many MV  collectors from mainland  England  and Europe, with scenes of the Liberation Procession in the presence of HRH Princess Alexandra, Dame Vera Lynn, and Angus Olgilvy, also a fly pass by a Nimrod with a Spitfire and Hurricane escort.   Deserted German bunkers, some still with gothic style notices and warning signs, then in the evening a hilarious 'Gang Show'  by members of the B.R.A (Battle Re-Enactment Association).







  Ref. D/12  ( 100 min program )                                   Supplied to order........

Re-edited 'Micheal Palin' type adventure with MV collectors touring from the UK  to ARNHEM via the 'Drop Zones' of Operation "Market Garden" 1944  and  visits to many places of WW2 interest in the NETHERLANDS including the 'BRIDGE TOO FAR'.




       Ref. D/13   ( 45 min. program )                               Supplied to order......

SPECTACULAR extended PARADROP scenes at Pegasus Bridge from the 'NORMANDY TOUR' dvd with 300+ Paratroops from GB and USA, plus a meeting with Major John Howard !!

Collectors vehicles pictured left are of similar type seen on this NEW 45min. DVD





   60 min. duration                        (other than stated)




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